Versus: Snowbound Highbase






The Versus: Snowbound Highbase includes two figures, a Red Snowbound EVA Spartan with a spiker, and a Blue Snowbound EOD Spartan with a mauler. This set also includes a white Gen II Mongoose, a blue team flag, and the highbase itself.

Info From Do Not Edit:

Choose your side and recreate arctic showdowns as Red and Blue Team race to control Snowbound Highbase! The Red Team Spartan EVA’s boots crunch into freshly packed snow as he makes a break for it with Blue Team’s flag. The Blue Team Spartan EOD grips the handlebars on his arctic Mongoose and pulls back on the throttle, jumping from Highbase and taking aim with his Spiker to stop Red Team and get Blue Team’s flag back!

Join Snowbound Highbase with the Snowbound Battlescape to expand your own sub-zero skirmishes!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Snowbound Highbase and Arctic Mongoose
  • Red Team: Spartan EVA with Snowbound armor
  • Blue Team: Spartan EOD with Snowbound armor
  • Accessories and Weapons: Spiker, Mauler, Blue Flag, Skull