Versus: Snowbound Battlescape






The Versus: Snowbound Battlescape includes three figures, a Red Snowbound Commando Elite plasma rifle, a Blue Snowbound Scout Spartan with a battle rifle, and a Active Camo Recon Sparatan with an active camo mauler. This set also contains two plasma batteries, a automated plasma turret, and the battlescape itself. This set is a Target exclusive.

Info From Do Not Edit:

The Automated Plasma Turret is firing on both Red and Blue Team! While Team Blue Spartan creates a diversion with his Battle Rifle, the red Elite Combat heads for a Covenant fuel canister. He has one chance to create a makeshift plasma bomb to knock out the turret before it destroys them both!

Includes the exclusive Automated Plasma Turret, two Covenant fuel canisters, and one member each of Red and Blue team with exclusive Snowbound Armor.

Join it together with Snowbound High Base to expand your own sub-zero skirmishes!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Snowbound battlescape and automated plasma turret inspired by the popular multiplayer map!
  • Interconnecting tiles let you expand with other Battlescapes and buildable terrains
  • Red Team: Elite Combat with Snowbound armor
  • Blue Team: Spartan with Snowbound armor
  • Accessories and Weapons: two Fuel Canisters, Battle Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Mauler


Even though the official description says this set includes a Elite Combat, it actually includes a Elite Commando.