UNSC Troop Transport






The UNSC Troop Transport set includes three minifigures, two Red Spartans one with a sniper rifle and the other with an smg, and a Purple Brute with a brute shot. This set also includes a Red Troop Transport, and a piece of land with a Covenant Turret mounted on it. This set includes 165 pieces. This set is exclusive to Target in the USA.

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Expand your army with the Halo UNSC Troop Carrier Warthog playset by Mega Bloks! Recreate epic battle scenes between the UNSC and the Covenant with these authentic buildable vehicles! The Troop Carrier Warthog is an all-purpose 4x4 vehicle ideal for scouting across any terrain, moving troops from base to base. The Troop Carrier Warthog is built up of new red camo-effect blocks and comes equipped with roll cage, two UNSC Red Spartan-IIs and one Covenant Brute with Plasma Cannon.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Red UNSC 4X4 vehicle with over 150 pieces!
  • Special roll-over cage to keep passengers safe
  • Two UNSC Red Spartans
  • Three unit-appropriate weapons including M6D Pistol, Assault Rifle and Plasma Pistol
  • One Covenant Brute with Brute Shot