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The Halo Battlescape set includes four minifigures, a Orange CQB Spartan with a battle rifle, a Active Camo Brute with a active camo spiker, and two first generation Crimson Grunts both dual-wielding light blue plasma grenades. This set also includes a first generation Steel Mongoose. This set includes 80 pieces.

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Establish your army, build and expand your battles like never before with the Halo Battlescape playset by Mega Bloks! The Halo Battlescape lets you build iconic battles on authentic war torn terrain for realistic skirmishes like never before!

At the throttle of his UNSC Mongoose, the CQB Spartan rides over blasted dirt and rubble. But, unknown to him, two Grunts and an "Active Camo" Brute have prepared an ambush for the Spartan.

Made with interconnecting tiles to let you expand your scenario, you can join multiple Halo Battlescapes together to create even larger and more dynamic environments! Each Halo Battlescape includes durable pronged plates and two vehicle display rods to pose your forces however you want! Go inside the Outpost and open the roof to command firefights between enemy forces or go outside and declare all out war with UNSC and Covenant units!

Choose your side, build the battle and display the victor!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable war-torn terrain inspired by the memorable environments of the Halo Universe!
  • Interconnecting tiles let you expand the Battlescape with other buildable terrains.
  • Pronged pieces and 2 vehicle display rods allow you to pose your buildable Halo vehicles.
  • Removable outpost roof can be attached to the Battlescape to create new terrain!
  • UNSC Forces: 1 UNSC Mongoose, 1 Orange CQB with Battle Rifle
  • Covenant Forces: 1 Active Camo Brute with Spiker, 2 Grunts with plasma grenades and a plasma pistol.


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