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The UNSC Mongoose set includes four minifigures, a Green Spartan with a smg, a Green Flame Marine with a flamethrower, a Navy Blue Elite with a beam rifle, and a Grunt. This set also includes a Hawk, Banshee, and a Covenant Turret. This set includes 376 pieces.

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Establish your army, build and expand your bases with the Halo Wars Aerial Ambush playset by Mega Bloks! Build and recreate epic battle scenes between the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) forces and the Covenant with this authentic 376-piece buildable playset modeled after Microsoft Game Studios exciting game, Halo Wars, a real-time strategy game based on the legendary Halo universe

This remarkable playset brings iconic characters of the video game to life and includes the UNSC Hawk and Covenant Banshee vehicles with miniature action figurines of UNSC Spartan, Flame Marine, Covenant Elite and Covenant Grunt.

The Hawk is a super-unit upgrade anti-vehicle of the UNSC Hornet (96806), specifically designed to hunt enemy vehicles. The Hawk is armed with a powerful nose-mounted Laser Cannon and dual Machine Guns. Hawks command every square inch of the battlefield though use of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) technology.

The Covenant Banshee is the main aerial assault craft of the Covenant forces, and every UNSC Marine fears the wailing sound of an incoming Banshee flyer. Banshees are armed with twin Plasma Cannons and the devastating Fuel Rod Cannon used for ground bombardment. Halo Wars buffs can boost the Banshee with propulsion system enhancements (higher speed and faster turns) and supercharged Plasma Cannons.

For hours of engaging combat action, add the Aerial Ambush to Scorpion (96807). Mix, match and build your very own indestructible toy vehicles!

Collect all Halo Wars toys and immerse yourself in a sci-fi world of strategic battles and power building!

Halo Wars Aerial Ambush is a great toy for active kids 8 years old and up!.


  • Popular Xbox 360 real-time strategy video game theme
  • UNSC Hawk and Covenant Banshee combat vehicles
  • Special building blocks with new camouflage effect
  • 4 miniature action figures (1UNSC Flame Marine, 1 UNSC Spartan, 1 Covenant Elite, 1 Covenant Grunt) with weapons
  • Authentic collector's series